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Weighing Dinosaurs Experiment - Science Classroom Kit

How much did dinosaurs weigh? This Weighing Dinosaurs Experiment will excite your science students as they gather data and make calculations to determine the mass of their favorite dinosaurs. By submerging these dinosaur models in a bucket of water, students measure the mass of the displaced water and then calculated the mass of the actual dinosaurs. Appropriate for high school physics students and college freshmen science students.

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Weighing Dinosaurs Experiment Contents

Ankylosaurus Model Triceratops Model T-Rex Model Brachiosaurus Model African Elephant Model Hanging Scale Table Scale

For every size classroom, the Weighing Dinosaurs experiment consists of the same components: the students' experiment equipment and the teacher's demonstration equipment. The only difference is the number of student experiment groups. The small classroom size has four experiment sets, the medium or standard size has six experiment sets, while the large classroom size has eight experiment sets.

Teacher's Demonstration Teacher's Demonstration Items

Teacher's Demonstration Items:

Weighing Dinosaurs Kit Students' Experiment Equipment

Students' Experiment Equipment:

Small Classroom Kit - $215
Medium Classroom Kit - $280
Large Classroom Kit - $345

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Single Weighing Dinosaurs Experiment

Weighing Dinosaurs Kit Dinosaur Weighing Kit - Single

Single Weighing Dinosaurs Kit:

Price $ 85 ∣ Free Shipping